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Aviation - Eastern Airlines would need to have their business plan, Essay

Aeronautics - Eastern Airlines would need to have their field-tested strategy, showcasing, course arrange, airplane armada or whatever else appear as though what so as to be effective in todays current avionics advertise - Essay Example In this specific circumstance, the case of Eastern Airlines can be mulled over. Eastern Airlines was one of the significant carrier organizations situated in the USA. The organization was established in the 1926 and headquartered at Miami International Airport, Florida. The organization stopped its activities in January 18, 1991. The paper is coordinated to uncover some of basic reasons because of which Eastern Airlines must be out of the business. For this reason, the paper tosses light of states of various pivotal tasks of carriers, for example, course structure, armada, advertising, and marketable strategy when they left business. Likewise, the paper additionally gives a portion of the vital proposals to the organization with respect to various territories of business activities, which can permit the organization to stay in the opposition. There were various explanations for the death of Eastern Airlines. Sick business tasks were one of them. There were a few deficiencies in the various zones of its tasks, for example, course structure, armada, advertising, and field-tested strategy. From the point of view of course structure of the organization, the range of business exercises of the organization was very confined. The worldwide business of the organization was not exactly evolved as it was extended in Mexico, Caribbean and Canada as it were. The significant center points of the organization were Charlotte/Douglas International Airport, Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York City), Kansas City International Airport, LaGuardia Airport (New York City), Luis Muã ±oz Marã ­n International Airport (San Juan), and Miami International Airport. Along these lines, the course structure of the organization at time when they needed to stop their activities was very focused in the North American landmass. The absence of worldwide flights was significant parts of the business activities of the association that made the organization useless for global travelers and sightseers

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Essay --

Francisco was the ill-conceived child of Gonzalo Pizarro Rodrã ­guez de Aguilar, an Extremaduran aristocrat who had battled with unique excellence in wars in Italy. There is some disarray regarding Francisco's date of birth: it is recorded as right on time as 1471 or as late as 1478. As a youngster, he lived with his mom (a servant in the Pizarro family unit) and tended creatures in the fields. As a charlatan, Pizarro could anticipate little in the method of legacy and chose to turn into an officer. All things considered, he emulated his dad's example to the war zones of Italy for a period before becoming aware of the wealth of the Americas. He initially went to the New World in 1502 as a component of a colonization endeavor drove by Nicolã ¡s de Ovando. San Sebastiã ¡n de Uraba and the Dariã ©n In 1508, Pizarro joined the Alonso de Hojeda endeavor to the territory. They battled the locals and made a settlement called San Sebastiã ¡n de Urabã ¡. Assailed by irate locals and low on provisions, Hojeda set out for Santo Domingo in mid 1510 for fortifications and supplies. When Hojeda didn't return following fifty days, Pizarro set out with the enduring pilgrims to come back to Santo Domingo. En route, they joined an endeavor to settle the Dariã ©n area: Pizarro filled in as second-in-order to Vasco Nuã ±ez de Balboa. First South American Expeditions In Panama, Pizarro set up an association with individual conquistador Diego de Almagro. Updates on Hernã ¡n Cortã ©s' daring (and worthwhile) success of the Aztec Empire filled the deep yearning for gold among the entirety of the Spanish in the New World, including Pizarro and Almagro. They made two undertakings in 1524-1526 along the western shoreline of South America: brutal conditions and local assaults drove them back the multiple times. On the second outing they vis... ... 1532, Atahualpa consented to meet with the Spanish: the Spanish deceptively assaulted the Inca, catching him and killing a large number of his warriors and devotees. A King's Ransom Pizarro and Atahualpa before long made an arrangement: Atahualpa would go free in the event that he could pay a payoff. The Inca chose a huge hovel in Cajamarca and offered to fill it half full with brilliant items, and afterward occupy the room twice with silver articles. The Spanish immediately concurred. Before long the fortunes of the Inca Empire started flooding into Cajamarca. The individuals were eager, however none of Atahualpa's commanders challenged assault the interlopers. Hearing gossipy tidbits that the Inca officers were arranging an assault, the Spanish executed Atahualpa on July 26, 1533. Understand more: Francisco Pizarro Biography (Explorer/Conquistador) | story/var/franciscopizarro.html#ixzz2nGtqOFex

Spirituality and Health Multidisciplinary Explorations

Question: Examine about the Spirituality and Health for Multidisciplinary Explorations. Answer: Presentation: In the task, I mean to consider a film Provoked and utilize hypothetical ideal models to a particular zones of training. In this unique circumstance, I need to investigate the female character, who turned into the survivor of tragic oppession from her better half. She saw the striking truth of abusive behavior at home and crazy torment. In the task, I mean to choose the female character named Kiranjit Ahluwalia, played by Aishwarya Rai. Her character was defrauded and abused by her significant other named Deepak Ahluwalia. The male character, Deepak Ahluwalia, played by Naveen Andrews. At first, the character of Aishwarya Rai was appeared as a persecuted spouse, who was truly and intellectually tormented by her better half on normal premise. Utilizing the hypotheses from the book, Modern social work hypothesis by Malcolm Payne (2015), I expect to investigate the methodologies in the examination. The hypotheses that the essayist underlines are humanistic practice, existentialism, and otherworldliness. Simultaneously, I have utilized different speculations, for example, strengthening, promotion, basic practice, women's activist practice, hostile to abusive and multicultural affectability ways to deal with training. The motivation behind the task is to conflate the cutting edge social speculations with the realistic circumstances and advances of the film. The speculations address the emergencies and the abuse executed to the youthful wedded lady, Kiranjit Ahluwalia by her better half in the film. So as to get speculations and practice, one needs to get a handle on the idea of social work hypothesis. The principal portion of speculations identified with Humanistic practice and existentialism that put an accentuation on self-awareness. As per Malcolm Payne (2015), the hypothetical points of view underscore shared information as a wellspring of individual and aggregate strengthening. Simultaneously, the strengthening and backing hypothesis brings forth understanding and nexus that reinforce individuals to increase a more profound cognizance of their lives and corrections inside them. The basic speculations give an intriguing knowledge into the current social request that breaks down the elements, concentrating on social obstructions. Malcolm Payne (2015) contends that Humanism and Existentialism are the different methods of understanding human life. The humanistic vision underscores the capacity of cognizant individuals to recognize, use rationale and act freely of the unnecessa ry forces, for example, god-like, religion, network and odd notions. The model of Humanism sees the translation of individuals as genuine. The Humanistic thoughts compare both the training and works. Payne claims that Existentialism characterizes the capacity of individuals to accomplish the individual capacity to control the lives. The idea of Spirituality features the mission for implications and objectives throughout everyday life, concentrating on the supernatural system of individuals. Women's activist hypotheses explain and loan reaction to the abused status of ladies in many social orders. The women's activist hypotheses address the physical and mental control of ladies with the assistance of composed discourse and gathering work. Thusly, these hypotheses fathom the changing elements of the general public that influence the social contact of ladies. Antidiscriminatory/multicultural affectability hypotheses show a basic comprehension of social and racial obstacles, battles and difference (Payne, 2015). The conflated speculations show practice that regards the individual and social point of view of individuals. In light of these hypotheses of social work, the situation of the overwhelmed female character of the film Provoked will be tended to. In the task, the essayist puts an accentuation on different speculations, for example, Psychodynamic Practice, Cognitive Behavioral Practice, Systems and Ecological Practice, Macro Practice, Social Development, and Social Pedagogy. Psychodynamic practice disentangles how the critical thinking systems of social work support the present social pattern and assist individuals with acclimating to the general public effortlessly. Psychological Behavioral Practice offers the specialists of social work a productive apparatus that underlined the advancement of conduct of the person in a judicious manner. Simultaneously, the professionals comprehend the beginning of the conduct issue. Psychological Behavioral hypotheses unwind how point of view cause social procedures (Payne, 2015).With the assistance of the hypothesis, each individual appreciates the changing elements of personal conduct standard. In light of this hypothesis, all the people can diminish social issues that influence them. Frameworks and Ecological practice bolster the melange of relational aptitudes with capacities that include social association, families, and networks. The training underscores the combination of individual and social variables. The rea son for the Systems and Ecological practice is to assist individuals with modifying themselves in the encompassing. In light of the Systems and Ecological thoughts, each individual reacts to the social milieu. Large scale practice, social turn of events, and social teaching method are the three patterns utilized by social specialists. They utilize these three methodologies and carry all individuals with same interests and inclinations. These methodologies help the social specialists distinguish the favored concerns and work in solidarity to determine the issues (Payne, 2015). In the task, the speculations (talked about above) ought to be associated with the picked character of the film. The picked film is Provoked and the character of Aishwarya Rai assumes the vital job. The name of the character of Aishwarya Rai is Kiranjit Ahluwalia, who wedded a tender man, Deepak Ahluwalia and moved to London, United Kingdom. The female hero, yet, appeared in a weakened light at the principal phase of the film. She experienced a period of household strife and avarice. In her military visit, her better half used to misuse her truly and intellectually. In the piece, the essayist means to interface the examined hypotheses with the true to life circumstances. With the assistance of the hypotheses, I plan to depict the picture of the female character, Kiranjit Ahluwalia. The hypotheses that I have talked about are Humanistic practice, Existentialism, Spirituality, hostile to prejudicial/multicultural affectability. There are different hypotheses that interpret the circumst ances looked by the female character in the film. These speculations are Psychodynamic Practice, Cognitive Behavioral Practice, Systems and Ecological Practice, Macro Practice, Social Development, and Social Pedagogy. In any case, the main hypothesis is Humanistic practice, which is a critical hypothesis. In light of this viewpoint, the individual can perceive, utilize rationale and act freely of the unnecessary powers, similar to god-like, religion, ethnicity and eccentric ideas. In the film, the picked character, Kiranjit Ahluwalia got mindful of the graveness of the circumstance. Subsequent to persevering through the severe torment for quite a while, she intended to show a thing or two to her significant other. For an extensive stretch, her better half used to execute brutality on her. She was savagely misused and abandoned her. Once, she lost all her cool and killed her better half. During that time, she got chafed by her significant other's exercises. Her better half, Deepak Ahluwalia never thought in a humanistic way. At the opposite finish of the range, the picked female character consistently kept the needs of her kids above everything. She stayed quiet, in light of the fact that of the yo ungsters. For quite a while, she applied Humanistic practice and never responded to the torment. In the last, she was unable to adapt to the developing residential emergencies and break into a run. The following hypothesis is Existentialism that assumes an essential job in such manner. As indicated by Malcolm Payne (2015), Existentialism is a philosophical hypothesis that underscores the idea of presence of the unique individual as a free capable and decided specialist. Over the span of the film, the female hero, Kiranjit Ahluwalia confronted a period of household emergencies and brutality. She stayed at the collector's end and countenanced an inflexible stage. At first, she was beaten and misused by her significant other. She was unable to withstand the torment and hopelessness for quite a while. Deprived of the natural fulfillment, she murdered her significant other and carried out a wrongdoing. In the wake of killing her better half, she was confined by the British police. She was condemned for slaughtering her better half, Deepak Ahluwalia. Be that as it may, she encountered another lifestyle in the British prison. The picked female character, Kiranjit Ahluwalia began to ca rry on with a free and capable life. She didn't need to manage the severe exercises of her significant other. In the wake of entering the prison, her life changed at a quick pace. She became companions with many ruined and neighborly flat mates. The female character, Kiranjit Ahluwalia delighted in another space and overflowed with bliss. The hypothesis of Existentialism establishes another ground in the film, Provoked. The following hypothesis is Spirituality that expected another measurement in the film, Provoked. The possibility of Spirituality features the crucial ramifications and targets throughout everyday life, focusing on the heavenly organization of individuals. There is no single, by and large agreed importance of otherworldliness. Reviews of the importance of the term, as used as a piece of the astute research, show a far reaching extent of definitions, going from amazingly slim and uni-dimensional definitions, for instance, an individual trust in a superb domain to increasingly broad thoughts. An outline of reviews by McCarroll (2005), for example dealing with the purpose of the most significant feeling of giving twenty-seven unequivocal definitions. This makes some difficulty in endeavoring concentrate powerful presence purposely; i.e., it frustrates both perception and the capacity to pass on revelations in a significant way. Clearly, a weighty part of supernatural presence's middle c omponents are not unique to a profound feeling of being removed

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Contemporary Issues In Hotel Industry Chen

Question: Portray about contemporary issues in the inn business? Answer: 1. Presentation Chen (2014) assumed that inn industry is one of the most quickest development and dynamic corporate segments in all piece of the world. In understanding to Gibson (2012), lodging industry holds the business age, mitigation just as the development pace of financial of most of populace all through the world. Then again, Jones, Hillier Comfort (2014) contended that however the lodging business is one of the most well known and renowned division in wording quickest developing, from the perspective of universal piece of the overall industry inn industry is creating in low result rate. The inn business in New Zealand assessed just 1.5% piece of the overall industry in the worldwide lodging industry. For the New Zealand, the inn business holds the potential economy that makes a solid linkage for different areas. N. McCool (2012) expressed that f the lodging business grew appropriately inside the specific district, it very well may be a beam of trust in dismissing the general public division and individuals in the retrogressive territories. In any case, it has been distinguished that, advancement of neighborliness industry inside the nation, considers the immense rang of potential with respect to regular habitat. This specific investigation means to recognize the contemporary issues of inn industry with away from and clarification of those issues from the perspective of center administration zones and its effect on the inn business all in all. Aside from that, this task likewise gives the administration procedure of issues in lodging industry that recognized. 2. Distinguishing proof of Contemporary Issues in Hotel Industry Since prior, lodging industry faces a few issues, for example, manageable improvement that particularly calls the green inn, work costs difficulties, multi social issues, advanced education of representatives, and so on. Nonetheless, the present difficulties that looked by the inn business internationally are Minimum Wage, Brand Reauthorization, shrouded expenses, foamy estimating, franchisor at joint managers, visitor profiling, web based life, and so forth (Xiao, 2012). Figure 1: Contemporary issues in lodging industry (Source: Dedeoaylu Demirer, 2015, pp-133) Nonetheless, after are the three principle contemporary issues that plates in this task in lodging industry Issue 1: Minimum Wage Karatepe Zargar Tizabi (2011) contended that lowest pay permitted by law is one of the latest difficulties that looked by the inn business all through the world. The association or the association of work is focusing to assault the lodging business. As per Huang Sun (2014), focus of lodging industry by the sorted out work is call living compensation. As of late it has been distinguished that worker's guild focus on the lodging business that seriously influence their business and in some cases proprietor of the inn forcedly close business. In the lodging business, worker work for hourly premise. Thusly, the business of the lodging business must to pay no less then least wages to the representative. Be that as it may, the lowest pay permitted by law rules and guideline set by the administration of regarded nation. Thus, persistent changes government makes distinctive administrative framework in regards to the lowest pay permitted by law. Consequently, intermittently changes on the lowest pay permitted by law by and large increment the estimating level of the lodging business just as likewise increment the average cost for basic items. It has been significantly observed that representatives are striking for high wages just as social insurance. For instance, the representatives of Hilton Hotel in the locale of UK requested for $10 every hour. Following five years, it expanded and considered $12.50 every hour. As per Davis et al. (2013), that arrange work is one of the most influencing factor in lodging industry from the perspective of the lowest pay permitted by law. It diminishes the chance to expand the business in future in the lodging business. As indicated by the survey report of Baloglu (2010), around 20% of workforce of lodging industry is falling into the class of the lowest pay permitted by law in regards to difficulties or issues in inn industry. Aside from that, Chen (2013) refered to larger part moves into the higher situation inside one year. In this way, it is additionally a part of the lowest pay permitted by law that confronted difficulties to the lodging business all around. Issue 2: Demanding Customers The number of inhabitants on the planet builds step by step. Accordingly, enormous age shifts happens the network of visitor in nowadays of inn industry. Anderson (2012) contended that children of post war America were resigned and their replacements made the new exactions from inn industry. As indicated by the market audit report or market sharing report of inn industry, over 73% Gen Y visitor leave the inn because of poor experience. Aside from that, over 85% of Gen Y visitor advises that representatives can't serve as per their need and request either on the web or genuinely or both. Then again, charmed visitor on inn industry spend over half in the subordinate income in term of getting palatable help from the representatives of lodging industry. Besides, Dedeoaylu Demirer (2015) recognize that there are over 82% visitors who requesting for poor assistance or they are discontent with the administration of lodging industry. Those visitors never demonstrate their eagerness to spend more or returns to the inn next time. Egger Buhalis (2011) delineated that client in nowadays are all the more requesting because of high increment of firm in inn industry or increment of desires from the workers in lodging industry. Issue 3: Social Media Not just the inn business yet in addition the corporate division, internet based life gets the front line of upset terms of connecting with clients with the administration. If there should be an occurrence of lodging industry, internet based life carries the wide transformation to draw in client by means of on the web, through web-based social networking system, for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and so on association in inn industry gives data about their offices to client alongside the present contribution plan or limits (, 2015). So as to reach to the clients just as draw in them, every hotelier alongside their promoting groups paid additional time in internet based life. Notwithstanding, the inn business confronted a few dangers from the internet based life, for example, online analysis like hacking data about client alongside bank subtleties, negative surveys, extortion booking, and so forth that decline business in reality. As indicated by the blog USA blog report in 2012, greater part of client accepts 3 time more in booking inns for fooding and housing as opposed to meeting vis-à-vis. Nonetheless, online life promoting is challenge to the lodging business, yet on the off chance that the association in accommodation part appropriately keeps up the fortune, it very well may be the incredible parts of drawing in client towards the inn business with least methodology. Online life is the most biggest stages in nowadays of computerized world (Fe Causin, Ayoun Moreo, 2011). 3. Clarification of the Identified Issues 3.1 Minimum Wage The lowest pay permitted by law in the lodging business expanded additional time. Following are the table that shows the expansion rate history of government least was under the demonstration of Fair work Standard act 1938 to 2010. Year The lowest pay permitted by law 1938 $0.25 1968 $1.60 1979 $3.10 1981 $3.35 1991 $4.25 1997 $5.15 2007 $5.85 2009 $7.25 2010 $10.10 2014 $12.50 Because of increment pace of the lowest pay permitted by law rate in the inn business all through the world, association in lodging industry faces different difficulties inside their work environment, for example, living cost, income cost, and so on. In any case, during the hour of world downturn in 2008, every nation on the planet faces wide scope of issues. In this way, the lodging business in every nation still not ready to came out from the downturn issues. Along these lines, increment of least was rate make the advertisers in lodging industry to place more cash into the pocket of workers. Be that as it may, so as to get benefit subsequent to putting more cash-flow into the pocket of workers, inn industry builds their items and administration rate (, 2015). Increment of work cost is additionally a key part of expanding items and administration rate. Therefore, individuals don't show enthusiasm for taking help from lodging industry. Then again, client who takes the administration from lodging industry with greater expenses request more offices just as anticipate quality assistance from the hoteliers. Jung Choi Tae Kim (2012) contended that individuals cut back their arrangement for investing energy in lodgings during get-aways or any uncommon event because of increment pace of items and administration inside inn industry. It makes incredible effect on the matter of lodging industry. Lo (2013) expressed that there isn't a particular explanation of away from of expanding the cost of work costs. As per Luo, Yang Law (2014), little increment in labor expenses may not influence most in the business procedure of inn industry. Be that as it may, high increment of work cost generously influence on the lodging business since bite the dust to high increment of value individuals don't make any arrangement for excursions or purchasing additional items during get-aways that are not fundamental. Clients are the key of accomplishment in lodging industry. Increment pace of client base showed the achievement of lodging industry. Increment cost in inn industry drives the lower request from client with respect to administrations and items. In regard to along these lines, the need of workers in lodging industry additionally turns out to be low. Therefore, increment pace of joblessness is development immensely in lodging industry (, 2015). So as to make contrast, the association in inn industry needs to remunerate with the workers or whole staffs including the executives, server, cleaners, cooking, the board, and so on. Because of government the lowest pay permitted by law and normal adjustment in the costs makes a few issues they were a lot of debate in regard to the matter of lodging industry (Assaf Magnini, 2012). Aside from that, p

What Are the Responsibilities of Academic Paper Writers?

What Are the Responsibilities of Academic Paper Writers?Academic paper writers have to deal with a wide variety of problems when producing their job. It is one of the most difficult types of writing to do and it requires careful planning. Not only does this require careful planning, but it also requires detailed planning. The need for planning of your paper is particularly important because a good academic paper writer can focus on aspects of his or her paper that will be important to the readers.Just as an architect will incorporate design and functionality into his or her design before setting out to build a building, so should a professional academic paper writer plan the sections of the paper before beginning. It is important to remember that not all topics are appropriate for the academic paper. Because of this, a writer must ensure that the paper is well researched, clear, and presented. He or she must know the differences between the topics, the language they use, and the majo r points to be made.The writer must make sure that he or she has a brief synopsis of the topic. This synopsis will serve as the introduction to the paper. The paper must be able to stand alone without having to stand in the shadow of the author's earlier work. A well-written paper is the result of good research and good writing. This article will provide a basic understanding of the responsibilities of academic paper writers.The vast majority of students attending different college level courses will have to do research for their papers. This research may be something as simple as getting some information from the professor or it may be more complex like digging up historical records. If the student cannot find the information, he or she will need to use supplemental sources to fill in the gaps.The role of academic paper writers is to help with filling in the blanks in the student's research. This means that writing the paper is the first step in making sure that the information is written correctly. Academic paper writers may be the first person that a student looks to for help with the writing process. They have the ability to guide the student through the important steps of the research process. In some cases, a student may have the research available to them in the form of printed materials or an electronic document.Papers can be written in several different ways. In some cases, the writer may create an outline for the paper that will be used as a guide. In other cases, the writer will use a virtual outline that will include key points and ideas.The role of an academic paper writer will vary based on the specific audience for the paper. When writing for a student, the writer will always have the benefit of having previous information to use as a reference. He or she can make changes in the course material by taking these references into account. However, if the paper is being written for a prospective employer, the information cannot be used as a basis for a rewrite. Employers are trained to read the writing as if they were the reader, and they want to see the writer's thoughts clearly and concisely.By using the guide listed above, academic paper writers will be well prepared for the task ahead. The reason why the writer needs to use the outline is because he or she needs to work within certain boundaries. Without the outline, the writer could forget an important point that would have aided in the argument. This could prevent the writer from presenting a convincing argument that would sway the reader. This is why the outline is so important in a writing project.

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To Autumn by John Keats - Literature Essay Samples

Of John Keats’ â€Å"Great Odes,† â€Å"To Autumn† is a poem which rests on a precipice. In other words, autumn lies directly between the life breath of spring and summer and the impending death of winter. Much to his advantage, Keats knowingly embraces autumn’s ambivalent nature in order to perpetuate the middle season’s own unique beauty. The result is an ode entirely dictated by negative capability, in which the common human context of autumn is transformed and reviewed in a new light. â€Å"To Autumn,† filled with both vivacious nature poetry and subtle nods in death’s direction, gradually affirms the paradoxical beauty of the season through stark contrast and steady change. In the first stanza, Keats establishes autumn’s lively benevolence through traditional pastoral imagery, basking in autumn’s more conventional beauty with only slight references to the cold ahead or warmth prior. Here, abundance and excess are both prevalent themes. With summer only recently departed, the speaker flushes with autumn’s blessings of â€Å"swelling† gourds, â€Å"plump† hazel shells, and cottage-trees that bend from the bounteous weight of apples. â€Å"And still more,† the speaker continues, â€Å"later flowers for the bees, / Until they think warm days will never cease† (ll. 9-10). Here, Keats lets slip the first hint of comparison upon autumn’s beauty. Summer’s legacy, represented by the late â€Å"maturing sun,† is the driving force of life with autumn acting as its conductor. In fact, their collaborative efforts are so pronounced that the bees think not of colder weather, the end to a seemingly endless bounty. However, this surmise regarding summer’s end is highly ominous. While the thoughts of bees with honey combs â€Å"o’er-brimm’d† seems innocuous enough, the speaker is actually laying the foundation for a great change. The fruit of the land is filled with â€Å"ripeness to the core,† indicative of both summer’s triumphant conclusion and autumn’s own commencement—the harvest. Summer and autumn’s literal fruition, while lively in its own right, is the impetus for autumn’s own inverted bloom. The transitory second stanza is marked by the harvest and a personified autumn encumbered by the â€Å"oozing† advance of time and death rather than the labors of nature. Now, autumn who was once referred to as the regal â€Å"season of mists and mellow fruitfulness† in the introductory apostrophe is now listless: â€Å"sitting careless on a granary floor.† The speaker recounts, â€Å"Or on a half-reap’d furrow sound asleep, / Drows’d with the fume of poppies, while thy hook / Spares the next swath and all its twined flowers† (ll. 16-18). Previously a divine champion of bounty and life, autumn now finds itself in a delicate, humanized stupor. The bed of flowers, noticeably â€Å"half-reap’d,† portrays the harvest as another symbol of autumn’s ambivalence, half-way between life and death. Meanwhile, time’s slow, ceaseless procession is encapsulated well by autumn’s serene slumber induced by â€Å"poppies,â⠂¬  nature’s literal opiate. These images are incredibly striking despite their blurry, languid nature due to their divergence from the sweet festivities of the first stanza. Vines riddled with produce have been replaced with autumn half-reaping and half-sparing the fruits of two seasons’ labor. Now, the season assumes the figure of the reaper with â€Å"hook† gliding past each swath toward autumn’s final trimester. Finally, the third stanza, a literal and figurative sunset on autumn’s reign, features the speaker blending the elements of life and death and at last confiding in autumn its true beauty. It begins, â€Å"Where are the songs of spring? Ay, where are they?† (l. 23). Nearing autumn’s close, the speaker bemoans the loss of â€Å"songs,† or beauties, of spring; Keats even employs ubi sunt as if to indicate the fruition of a full emotional—or seasonal—transformation. Clearly, springtime has long left this world: â€Å"barred clouds† have taken the place of the once â€Å"maturing sun† and the harvest is deep into the past. However, the speaker quickly expounds on autumn’s beauty, â€Å"Think not of them, thou hast thy music too† (l. 24). In tender and genuine tone does the speaker reassure autumn of its worth, walking a fine line of life and death. The sun falls low, casting off the â€Å"soft-dying day,† and a à ¢â‚¬Å"wailful choir† of gnats harmoniously mourn the climax of autumn. All at once it seems, the design of nature begins to betray and contradict itself. Rosy skies contest to the glorious, â€Å"soft-dying† transition from day to night, and the buzzing gnats incite the full chorus of autumn’s own songs. Oxymoronic â€Å"full-grown lambs† bleat before the shepherd or the slaughterhouse while crickets and robins â€Å"sing† and â€Å"whistle† respectively, reciprocating the speaker’s reassured peace. Here, nature appears to be untangling its own natural contradictions and juxtapositions and thus allows autumn to assert its own capability to be beautiful regardless of the lapse of spring and summer or the oncoming wintertime. Then, as if to relinquish any doubt, the speaker concludes, â€Å"And gathering swallows twitter in the skies† (l. 33). The birds, eager to resume along the procession of time and season, soar up and â€Å"t witter† the last refrain in autumn’s song shortly before flying south for the winter. From onset to its conclusion, â€Å"To Autumn† is strung about by time and change. The apples which hung from the cottage-trees at sunrise are plucked and then juiced by the cyder-press at midday. The â€Å"winnowing wind† tossing autumn’s soft hair â€Å"lives or dies† among the river sallows. Indeed, autumn is capable of attaining beauty because negative capability allows the speaker to seek beauty out in the least likely of places. In this case, beauty lies on the boundary of life and death, both individually beautified while forever conscious of their polar opposite. To Keats, autumn is nature’s primary example of the coalescence of life and death.

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A Teacher s View On The Purpose Of Schooling - 989 Words

As an educator, it is important to have a personal teaching philosophy based on your beliefs. It also helps you to keep the focus on what your goals are as an educator and the way you plan to integrate those goals into your teaching. A statement of philosophy begins with the educator s view on the purpose of schooling. In what ways are teachers going to challenge students to have high achievement standards? Along with goals for students, what are their responsibilities going to entail? These two questions play into the most significant focus of a teacher s philosophy: what is my role going to be as a teacher? What standards do I want to be the focus of my classroom? Also, a personal philosophy is not strictly in the classroom; there should be a basis of beliefs for actions outside of the school setting. As a teacher or individual in the school setting, it is necessary to define the purpose of education and learning. This starts by laying out standards such as why, what, and how students learn. Recognizing student learning patterns allows the teacher to keep focused on where her student s progress should be. It is important for students to learn so they are knowledgeable on topics of the world they live in; if a person does not learn basic things while in school they will not be able to look out for themselves in the real world. Students should be taught things like respect, integrity, kindness, and other virtues in order to be successful people. TheyShow MoreRelated Philosophy of Education Essay1036 Words   |  5 Pagesperspective possessed by a teacher has on affects the ability and effectiveness of their teaching methods. Therefore a teacher must be one who appreciates and respects education and formalized schooling. In the following paragraphs I will give a general description of my views on education. I will describe how I view the acquisition of knowledge, common student nature, what I believe the purpose of education is and my desired m ethod and curriculum. Future teachers should carefully consider eachRead MoreAnalysis Of Against The School By John Taylor Gatto956 Words   |  4 Pagesand what the purpose it fulfils now. He also educates us on the fact that all the great discoverers never attended school and were self-educated.The main idea Gatto addresses in his article are that public schooling is doing the youth an injustice.He implies that the purpose of schooling, now is to turn children into good employes and someone who follows orders. With this essay Gatto intends to get the proverbial wheels by changing the reader s mind by presenting them his own view of the educationalRead MoreMy Education Philosophy 1511 Words   |  6 Pagesthat what exists really exists, and cannot be changed because it is permanent, and cannot be new because it is regular. In contrast to Idealists, Pragmatists believes that there are no unchanging or eternal truths. Pragmatists reject the dualistic view of the world. Gutek states, â€Å"Dewey argued against a dualistic conception of the universe, which he claimed was merely a human contrivance designed to postulate a theoretically unchanging realm of complete and perfect certitude† (1997, p. 84). UnlikeRead MoreHorace Mann, John Dewey, And Paulo Freire907 Words   |  4 Pagesthey all have certain views on education, and what they believe is the purpose of. These people are Horace Mann, John Dewey, and Paulo Freire. They all have a different vision of how they perceive education. There philosophical beliefs are very broad and interesting due to the fact that they see things in a certain perspective. It opens up our eyes to see how each of these historical people think. Horace Mann believed that we cannot have a successful country without schooling systems. Which can beRead MoreEducation Empowers, Schooling Stifles Essay1307 Words   |  6 PagesEducation Empowers, Schooling Stifles Education has been the subject of some of the most heated discussions in American history. It is a key point in political platforms. It has been subject to countless attempts at reform, most recently No Child Left Behind and Common Core. Ardent supporters of institutional schools say that schools provide access to quality education that will allow the youth of our country to gain necessary skills to succeed in life. Critics take a far more cynical view. The book RereadingRead MoreThe Impact Of Technology On Education And Education Essay1317 Words   |  6 Pagesa large part of education and schooling. Views on types of schooling and education are changing rapidly. Videos and articles can be found all over the Internet on basically any subject you can think of. Much of today’s schooling is done through online classes. Due to the increasing popularity of technology in education and the availability of the service, how schools are run will change and the need for teachers and s taff will lessen. In the near future all schooling will be done by and through technologyRead MoreEssay on My Philosophy of Teaching999 Words   |  4 PagesPhilosophy of Education Throughout the history of education, there have been many different philosophical views. The views have varied from Platos The Republic, to Rousseaus Emile. Plato believed that the purpose of education was to create a perfect city-state, while Rousseau believed that the purpose was to develop people, who freely choose good. Both of these philosophies cooperate with my beliefs; however, my beliefs do differ in some aspects. Through my philosophies covering the natureRead MoreThe Sociological Imagination, By Martin Luther King944 Words   |  4 Pagesinterests does schooling serve and why?’ In addressing this question, one needs to discuss why is an education so valued in Australia today. Education has had three phases of development according, to Van Krieken, 2013. Each phase being associated with a set of beliefs about the nature and purpose of education. Firstly, the advent of the modern system from the mid-19th century to World War II, influenced chiefly by liberal humanist ideas. Secondly, post World War II expansion into the late 1970’s was influencedRead MoreThe Cuban Government And Schooling1296 Words   |  6 Pagesclaimed it is the best education system in Latin America and the Caribbean. The system is driven by high literacy rates, strong teacher and student performance, and its availability to all citizens of Cuba (Gasperini, 2000). To understand why the Cuban education system has been so successful, it is important to know past history between the Cuban government and schooling. The education system has been run by the state since 1961. The Cuban government reserves 10-11% of its national budget forRead MoreThe Fallacy Of Public Education1580 Words   |  7 Pagescoursework. In the 1980’s there was a great number of graduates who could not even read. How can the proponents of the public education system even make claims that to be successful today, children need to attend their institutions? Today’s formal, public educational system of schooling is not necessary because it is a system that is broken; it’s aim is to keep children in a state of childishness, not to better our country. In his essay, Gatto argues that the formal style of schooling today is not needed